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Cosmic Customs' Astro Trike Custom VW Trike was originally constructed in 1997 and has just been fitted with the new, all-steel C-cab top to compliment the newly-painted all-steel body. This custom VW trike was also refitted with a newly-rebuilt 1600 Dual Port VW engine, new clutch and new upholstery. This trike is candy oriental blue, candy orange and candy purple were used in the color scheme with arc-shading in the orange and blue to give depth to the job with 4 coats of PPG Concept clear to seal everything and finish it off nicely. The Astro Trike also is equipped with a trailor hitch built into the rear cage for pulling any small trailor and has a custom windshield for those who might prefer it.

This c-cab style custom VW trike is very popular. The shade provided by the c-cab is something that is real nice is the Arizona desert and something you can't get on a 2 wheeled bike of course!




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